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Catering Policies

Jolain's Gourmet Catering - Policies

Written below is a list of policies you should know about Jolain's Gourmet. If you have any questions or concerns about our policies, please feel free to contact us.

- 8% Maine sales tax not included in our prices
- 20% Service Charge not included in prices
- A deposit is required to book events
- Plasticware, paper products, etc. are included in pricing.
- Glassware, silverware linens, etc. will be charged normal rental fees. Rentals will be provided by our exclusive rental partner.
- Final count required 14 days prior to your event
- Final payment required 7 days prior to your event in full

Due to the ever changing market costs of food, we reserve the right to increase prices as our wholesale prices increase.
Note: Morgan Hill Event Center has its own policies. When booking through Morgan Hill Event Center, their policies will apply.

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